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Store Policy

Privacy & Safety

Our privacy practices for our site, mobile apps, and other services


1. Our Privacy Policy

We process your personal information to run our business and provide our users with the Services. By accepting our TERM of USE (and in some jurisdictions, by acknowledging this policy), you confirm that you have read and understand this policy, including how and why we use your information. If you don’t want us to collect or process your personal information in the ways described in this policy, you shouldn’t use the Services.

WELLSPRING of WISDOM (WOW) requires all account owners to be at least 18 years of age. Minors under 18 years of age and at least 13 years of age are permitted to use WOW's Services only if they have permission and direct supervision by the owner of the account. Children under age 13 are not permitted to use the Services. You are responsible for any and all account activity conducted by a minor on your account. We do not knowingly “sell,” as that term is defined under applicable law, the personal information of minors.

By using the Services, you acknowledge that WOW will use your information in the United States, and any other country where WOW chooses to operate. Please be aware that the privacy laws and standards in certain countries, including the rights of authorities to access your personal information, may differ from those that apply in the country in which you reside. We will transfer personal information only to those countries to which we are permitted by law to transfer personal information as more fully described in the "Transfers" Section of this policy.


2. Information Collected or Received

In the course of providing our Services, we collect or receive your personal information in a few different ways. We obtain the categories of personal information listed below from the following sources: directly from you, for example, from forms you complete or during registration; indirectly from you based on your activity and interaction with our Services, or from the device or browser you use to access the Services; from our vendors and suppliers that help provide WOW services you may interact with (such as, for example, for payments or customer support), and from our third party advertising and marketing partners. Often, you choose what information to provide, but sometimes we require certain information to provide you the Services. WOW uses the personal information it receives and collects in accordance with the purposes described in this policy.


3. Messages from WOW

On occasion, WOW will need to contact you. Primarily, these messages are delivered by email, WOW Messages, or by push notifications for a variety of reasons, including marketing, transactions, advocacy, and service update purposes. If you no longer wish to receive push notifications, you can disable them at device level. You can opt out of receiving marketing communications via email or Messages in your account settings or by following the unsubscribe link in any marketing email you receive. To ensure you properly receive notifications, we will need to collect certain information about your device, such as operating system and user identification information. Every account is required to keep a valid email address on file to receive messages. WOW may also contact you by telephone to provide member support or for transaction-related purposes if you request that we call you. Additionally, and with your consent where required by applicable law, WOW may send you an SMS (or similar) message, or reach out to you by telephone, in order to provide you with customer support, for research or feedback, or to provide you with information about products and features that you may find of interest. You can update your contact preferences in your account settings.

Some messages from WOW are service-related and necessary for members and Guest Checkout users. You understand and agree that WOW can send you non-marketing emails, WOW Messages, or messages, such as those related to transactions, your account, security, or product changes.


4. Information Uses, Sharing, & Disclosure

We respect your privacy. WOW will not disclose your name, email address, or other personal information to third parties without your consent, except as specified in this policy.

You can control your privacy settings through the opt-out buttons in your account settings privacy tab, and the Privacy Settings link in the footer of  site pages and our homepage. Please note that some changes to your privacy settings may take a few days to take effect. We may advertise our Services  products through a variety of different mediums and rely on your consent to do so off-site.


5. Shipping

The cost of a shipping will depend on the origin, destination, weight, mail class, package type, and dimensions of the package.


Email Notifications About WOW Policy Updates

As an WOW member, you may receive emails from us about updates to WOW's policies.


In our Terms of Use, we commit to notify all active WOW members through email before we make significant changes to our policies. For that reason, emails about policy updates don’t provide a way to unsubscribe.

While you can't opt out of emails about a transaction you’ve made, updates to our Terms of Use, or when required by law, we try to limit how many we send, while following our commitment to transparency.

To limit the number of emails you receive from WOW, you can:

•    Unsubscribe from WOW marketing emails: You can keep your account open and change your email subscription settings.



Privacy and Personal Information

On WOW, we ask that members respect each other's privacy and personal information.

Don’t publicly post another member's personal information without their explicit consent, and please use discretion in disclosing your own personal information.   

Examples of personal information:

•    Full names

•    Home or other physical addresses

•    Email or other online contact information

•    Telephone numbers

•    Credit card numbers

•    Tax identification numbers (social security, etc)

•    The content of a private email or message to another member or WOW employee


Private information in the WOW Community

WOW members may not post private or personal information in the WOW Community and content that harasses, targets, insults, trolls, or calls out other members is prohibited.

If you believe that another member is singling you out or sharing your personal information without your consent in a Forums post, you may flag it for review by our Forums team.


Why Am I Being Charged State Sales Tax on My WOW Order?

Many US states recently enacted laws that require online marketplaces like WOW to collect sales tax on eligible purchases. Purchases that require us to charge sales tax differ between states. 

We’re required to charge sales tax if the state you’re in mandates it, often no matter where the seller is located.

Check if your state collects sales tax on online purchases.


Why is sales tax charged on some items and not others?

Tax applies based on the type of item and how it's categorized. Depending on your state, some types of items are taxed and others are not. 

If you believe that the item you’re buying shouldn’t be taxed in your state, let us know by selecting Contact support at the bottom of this page.


COVID-19 Safety on WOW

The safety of the WOW community is our priority. This article outlines how we're protecting the marketplace and how you can work with your seller on orders during this time.


Staying safe during COVID-19

For more information on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, please consult the World Health Organization’s website or your local health authority: 

•    USA:  Center for Disease Control


Shipping delays

Shipping carriers may be experiencing delays which may cause sellers to experience an inability to timely obtain materials. Sellers may also experience delays due to an unprecedented volume of orders for certain items.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

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